9 Facts And Tips About Snapchat you did not know

Snapchat is not only interesting to briefly share content app, it is also a particular social network. And the latest update includes a number of enhancements popular photo sharing.

If you’re a newbie an advanced user, these tips, tricks and secrets will be very useful:

1. Activate interesting features in your configuration: Make sure you have an updated version Snapchat for PC download on your device. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then tap Manage “in Additional Services”. You can activate additional functions: filters, flash Front replay, special text and choose the number of the best friends you want to display on the screen Tip “.

2. Use special text: Want to superimpose a bigger and emojis text? Touch the letter T “next to the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your image. The characters you type now magnified.

3. Draw with secret colors: You can choose a color draw and sliding the bar color of the rainbow. Check out these steps to learn how to draw with crayon colors secrets.

Draw with white: Touch the rainbow color slider and drag your finger to the upper left corner. Android users already have the white crayon incorporated into the slider rainbow.

Draw in black: Touch the rainbow color slider and drag your finger down. Android users also have preloaded the black crayon.

Draw on hidden colors: Drag the slider Rainbow left towards the bottom to use colors that are not available in the palette.

Draw with a transparent color (Android only): Press down on the slider rainbow until the full color palette appears, then select the transparent color.

4. Add funny filters: You can now add type Instagram filters, just slide your finger left and right to see a preview of each filter. The app has filters that are:

Geolocation: Based on the location, you can overlay art and other labels in the plugin.

Time: Use the filter time to show the time it took the picture.

Temperature: You can tap to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Speed: With this filter captures the speed at which it moves when taking the picture.

Filters black and white, sepia, saturated: Swipe left and right to the preview of these filters.

5. Flash of frontal view: If you’re going to make a selfie, but the lighting is very dark, there is a flash function versus just press the lightning icon in the upper left corner.

6. Change looking back to front camera: Instead of touching the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen to change the camera view, just tap the screen twice and automatically switches the camera looking back the front-facing camera, and vice versa.

7. Replay: Repeat function to play back a video sent in the last 24 hours picture, but only on the last visit. To play, simply tap on the add you want to see again, and a notification appears. Touch Replay “.

8. Press to go through stories: If you want to fast forward through certain stories, rather than wait for the next, touch the screen (while pressing down to see history), and it will take you to the next.

9. Change the number of Best Friends “shown: Default Snapchat shows the three friends over interact, they are automatically selected by the friendship algorithm implementation. But if you want to change the number of friends, go to the configuration. Tap # Best Friends “, and you can choose to display three, five, seven friends.

What Is The System Messaging Safer? Imessage, No Doubt

What is the most secure messaging system? iMessage undoubtedly

Apple iMessage PC is safer than WhatsApp Hangouts, we said it years ago, and even if I have some time, now back to ratify, despite telegram is another one of the safest not reach any level nor iMessage facetime apple

According to a list compiled by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, messaging applications of iOS, the operating system of Apple, are safer than WhatsApp, Hangouts even Telegram.

Increasingly messaging applications that come out and try to compete with WhatsApp, but often do not achieve their objective.

And that happens because well known that WhatsApp is neither lejo, secure application example.

Although relatively recently was released Telegram, which is a very good alternative to WhatsApp, with a design that is virtually modeled and also has important safety improvements.

But it seems that all is not as paints and according to this list FaceTime iOS iMessage applications are safer even than Telegram application that claims to be very safe.

What are your strengths?

The Point to Point Encryption

His big difference is in the point to point encryption. If something different applications Facebook Messenger, iMessage and FaceTime Hangouts, is that Apple are the only encrypt messages so the supplier can not decipher.

Thus, the message is not sent as leaves the sending device but is altered and remains so until it reaches the recipient. This is what is known as a point to point encryption.

Another point to be added to this security measure is that Apple applications also protect our messages, ie, Apple prevents you from understanding messages that have been sent previously.

List of insecure Apps Marketplace

Which has the honor of being the most insecure implementation of all is WhatsApp and other related applications are quite unsafe applications (Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.). But while Apple can boast good applications there are others that are safer,

giving us complete privacy such as Silent Text, Cryptocat, ChatSecure, TextSecure, RedPhone and Silent Phone but like everything, there are ways to bypass this security, while the apple for the moment, no.

Kik Messenger BlackBerry Despite Vuelve A A A Claim

The kik for pc service which has been available for Apple’s iPhone and devices running Google’s Android software for over an anode Store was retired November RIM applications.

The Canadian company filed a lawsuit a month later.

In its legal document, said the RIM founder and executive chairman of Kik, Ted Livingston, USE acquired knowledge while working on the development of BlackBerry Messenger to create Kik Messenger.

Livingston declined to make comments on legal process underway, but said the new application was not developed exclusively for BlackBerry phones, and phones that can operate cheaper than the system commonly used Java.

Wanted it to be a secret to have some feedback before passing to a wider audience, but we have a version that has been created for Java phones running BlackBerry “he said in an interview with Reuters Livingston Telefónica.

Not only for BlackBerry so may not see the problem could be, “he said.

The Kik service, such as BlackBerry Messenger, to allow users to view message has been a binding contract when, delivered, and when it is read answering in real time.

But on the contrary BlackBerry Messenger, Kik product allows communication between different platforms.

RIM says that about 45 million people use their Messenger, which makes 70 percent daily.

Kik has four million users. Had 2.5 million, including one million BlackBerry customers, RIM when demanded.

The julitec Ecosystem

Do you also expensive and complicated server software that does not do what you want? Software is often a necessary evil rather than productive support. Overloaded software packages with 1,000 features you do not use anyway, often lead to frustration. And a dedicated server is no longer a must.

Smart tools instead of large software packages

The julitec Ecosystem suffering today. Companies can provide quick and easy with the software now.

The julitec Ecosystem is a selection of software tools that can be connected to each other. Taken together, the combination of software tools is so powerful that can be dispensed to a new server in the enterprise. Each tool in the ecosystem can make use of its individual strength.

The results reveal for organizations to:

The individual software tools are perfectly combined and complement each other.

Long research and selection of specific solutions and their interfaces omitted.

The ecosystem can be set up within a short time. Elaborate installations omitted.

The Ecosystem runs entirely online, own servers and IT skills are required.

The ecosystem is cost, you pay only for the software that you need. The costs are predictable and high investment costs are eliminated.

No All-In-One Solution

Of course, there are also large software solutions that are (almost) include all features. However, this often means that all functions are mediocre. In addition, these all-round solutions are usually complicated and expensive. They were designed for large businesses and corporations.

In julitec Ecosystem each tool is a champion in his field. Due to the specialization of each tool can be used on a level that All-In-One solutions can not achieve.

All the tools put great emphasis on ease of use. So that they fit together well. Together, the software tools of julitec Ecosystems are much more powerful.

Not many interfaces. For the best.

Many online tools have a vast number of interfaces to other tools. Unfortunately, the interfaces are often outdated or they do not what you have expected. No one feels responsible for the interfaces. There is nothing worse than an interface that suddenly stops working and you will be left out in the rain.

Not so with the julitec Ecosystem: We deliberately chose a few interfaces. They have it but in itself. The julitec Ecosystem get a few interfaces, but the best. You can also rely on this in future. Even if a software tool would one day become unavailable, we take care of an equivalent replacement.

Everything online

A great advantage of julitec Ecosystem is it that all the software tools running on the Internet. This eliminates the need to run your own server. All programs can be used or any other location in the home office from home.

Companies can focus on their core business and not obliged to operate complicated and expensive IT support more. The technical details will take care of the software manufacturer. This leaves more time for the essentials.


The central hub of julitec Ecosystems is julitec In julitec customers, prospects and all other contacts are easily managed.

julitec takes over the function of a CRM system (what’s this?), but it goes far beyond that. So julitec cares about writing quotes and invoices. And projects can be conveniently stored in julitec.

To support the teamwork is julitec tasks and team calendar.

In the history of all contact and project-related information is stored, for example, Documents, e-mails and memos.

julitec is connected as a central element of the ecosystem with all other software solutions.


MailChimp is the specialist for e-mail marketing. With MailChimp can be sent easily produce professional-newsletter. For this we use one of the many predefined templates (templates).

MailChimp has a sophisticated delivery system, which ensures that the sent newsletters do not get caught in the spam filter.

You also get in MailChimp after sending a newsletter, detailed statistics and learns so, what issues arrive at the receivers and which are not.

In MailChimp e-mails can be personalized and automated. A detailed description of the options can be found here:

MailChimp is available free of charge up to 2,000 recipients.

MailChimp can be very much part of julitec. If you put in julitec a contact or changed him, the contact is automatically transferred by MailChimp. Opens one in julitec a contact, so you can see immediately which has received this newsletter and which links he has clicked in the newsletter.


With Zendesk requests can be handled in a team, it can be defined workflows, and of course there are detailed evaluations such as the average response time to requests. For an overview see the following page:

The interaction of Zendesk with julitec works both ways. In Zendesk to requests (tickets) are important information for customers from julitec displayed. And when you open a contact in julitec, so you can see at a glance what tickets are still open.

Zendesk can be tested for 30 days for free. The Starter plan has been around for $ 1 per user per month.


Gmail is the classic online e-mail tools. Google has shown with Gmail that one does not need a big program like Outlook for quick and easy processing of e-mails.

With Gmail, the processing of emails a breeze. Already in the inbox emails are pre-sorted alerts, advertising and general business correspondence. E-mail attachments can be immediately viewed without the correct program must be installed. And full-text search allows rapid retrieval of archived emails.

All the features of Gmail at a glance:

To store emails they can easily be passed from Gmail to the julitec E-mail wizard.

Gmail there is free of charge. For companies that want to take advantage of more features, there are the Google Apps for 4 € per user per month.

Google Drive

Google Drive replaces the network drive on the server. Here, all documents are stored, to be shared.

Google Drive supports editing of common file formats such as Word, Excel, etc. The search function is – as usual by Google – perfect and allows you to quickly find the documents you no matter what folder they are in.

A complete feature list can be found here:

Customer correspondence should not be stored in Google Drive but better in the electronic customer file in julitec. Thus, letters and e-mails are also quickly later found.

Google Drive there is free of charge. For companies that want to take advantage of more features, there are the Google Apps for 4 € per user per month.

What is next?

We work hard to develop the julitec ecosystem. Soon there will be for each element vector as well as a guide to setting.

In the future, is also planned to include more tools in the julitec ecosystem.

Would you like to find out more, please order our free eBook The 5 best software tools for small businesses “:

Energetic Greetings Cataldo Tavano

A part of the ecosystem works with the julitec WebAccess, which can be installed on your server. The complete ecosystem functions only online.

Current antivirus software for the Mac

Computer viruses are on the Mac a much less of a threat than for Windows users. For some application areas antivirus software but still useful. We present current solutions.

After the purchase of their first Mac longtime Windows users often ask if they want to install an antivirus program. Finally, on the PC it is considered extremely negligent not to use protection against malware. Under convinced Mac fans antivirus programs, however, are almost frowned upon.

Malware is rare, thanks to built-in security features such as gatekeepers and sandbox OS X is also protected without antivirus well against malware. To keep the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology antivirus for Macs to be unnecessary.

And yet, programs such as the recently unveiled Intego VirusBarrier X8, Kaspersky Antivirus and Avira for some Mac users have their place. Home users can usually do without an antivirus program, but in case of companies and public facilities, a higher degree of danger. Some companies and universities antivirus software for Macs duty – often for legal reasons and to be prepared for new threats.

The detection performance of Avast is good, but is also high system load.

An Anti-virus software programs for the Mac, there is no shortage. With Avira, Avast and Sophos there are good free packages for an annual fee programs such as Kaspersky Antivirus, F-Secure, VirusBarrier and Norton AntiVirus are to be had. In Apple’s App Store, there are special anti-virus software, these tools are limited, however, quite functional.

Other antivirus solutions are available from Dr. Web, Eset, Panda, McAfee and eScan As an open source ClamXav is available for corporate users, there is a Trend Micro ClamXav is one of the most popular Mac-virus scanner, virus detection, however moderate. The show’s own tests and exams of other publications. You could even say there is more anti-virus solutions for the Mac as Mac dangerous viruses, for reasons of space, we restrict ourselves in our article on the most common solutions.

Low risk of Mac viruses

There are a few dozen Mac viruses of them, however, is only a small risk. Instead of the colloquial term “virus way, one should speak better of malware (malicious software), since real viruses (which are approximately even spread) account for only a small part of the so-called malware. So malware can consist of a simple script that pretends to be a free version of Photoshop, but in fact deletes data.

62 Mac pests knows about Norton AntiVirus, however, including several just under OS 9 running. Are compatible with OS X from the 62 pests least forty – these just applies the malware Flashback dangerous. This malware discovered in early 2012 took advantage of a known vulnerability of old versions of Java to install malicious software on the Mac.

Scanner from the Mac App Store

There are in Apple’s App Store some virus scanners, good scanning services achieve Kaspersky Virus Scanner, VirusBarrier Plus and the free Bitdefender, the app iAntivirus Norton, however, is to be regarded with caution.

To be offered in Apple Store, the apps have to give up some features. Automatic Updates, important for a virus scanner is prohibited. Symantec provides iAntivirus probably why no update function. As new versions of this new virus signatures.

An anti-virus scanner must for protection against new threats but have current virus definitions. Share this app therefore we can not. But the other apps have flaws. With Kaspersky, VirusBarrier Plus Bitdefender and you have to update the virus signatures before a scan usually only once.

In BitDefender and Kaspersky, this is a time consuming process that can sometimes take ten minutes. You can circumvent this if you can start automatically at every system startup apps.

A single file has since tested significantly faster with a Web service as VirusTotal. Scheduled scans are also only with VirusBarrier Plus possible, you can make about the download folder, check regularly. Another plus point of this app are small update files, updating the definitions only takes a few seconds. A guard program but has none of the apps to offer.

Security risks are not only on the malware alone. Jeopardizes the Mac is mainly due vulnerabilities erroneous programs. The most recent major attacks on Macs were made possible by a bug in third-party software such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash or Java – Error looking for malware authors targeted and exploited.

More security as an anti-virus scanner therefore ensures that you always use current versions of the program. You should disable Java in your web browser (Java, Javascript not) and PDFs from the Web better use instead of Adobe Reader, the program preview.

Since with modern websites can hardly do without Flash, a browser with so-called sandbox technology, such as Safari or Google Chrome is recommended. Especially safe is Google Chrome, because the software uses a proprietary Flash plug-in – without the fault of the Adobe plug-ins.

Against snooping of user data, a virus scanner is also of limited help. Theoretically, an anti-virus software detect installed spyware that will spy on sensitive business information or bank account numbers. In practice, however, these so-called phishers proceed differently.

You use websites or e-mails that lure visitors to enter sensitive data. Against interception of user data by authorities is also largely powerless – unless one uses cryptographic techniques for example, to encrypt their messages (how on OS X and iOS, we have summarized in a series> To the article) or specific files in To create a file-safe (eg TrueCrypt)

The search for Windows viruses

Probably the most important reason for using a virus scanner on the Mac is the high risk to the Windows platform. In a mixed network of Macs and PCs malware could be transferred from a Mac to a PC or a Mac user unknowingly sends a malware file to a PC user.

To protect the PC counterparts, a Mac user but takes many disadvantages. One problem is the performance in order to ensure real-time protection against malware checks full-fledged antivirus scanner or a background antivirus monitor every file access. Must guard this program are only looking for Mac viruses, it takes into account only a few virus definitions, so-called signatures. This requires only a low system load.

However, all known Windows viruses are reliably detected, the tool needs to query a catalog of several thousand pests. A Mac is therefore strongly slowed down by some scanners, it can slow file copying or opening a program by the background scanner. This handle various virus scanners on the Mac so that they are only looking to date malicious Windows viruses.

We will check this with a non-representative sample of Mac and Windows viruses. Consistent results in the detection of Windows viruses achieved in this respect Norton Anti Virus and Sophos, especially F-Secure falls through very bad virus detection on. Mac viruses are, however, quite reliably detected by all scanners. Only F-Secure fails in our test on older Mac viruses were recognized, no macro viruses. The best recognition of Mac and PC viruses prove in our sample, Avira, Kaspersky and Avast.

Anti-virus scanner with good computer virus detection brakes on a Mac often much stronger than weak, what stands out particularly in Avast. As a test, we duplicate with active background scanner a folder with thousands of files. The examination of these individual files can a virus scanner rack, this is particularly evident in Avast. Without antivirus our test copying takes six minutes at Avast, the duration of the copy operation to nearly 11 minutes, the longest delay in the test field extended.

Avira difference is hardly measurable. Kaspersky is with the other scanners in midfield, but the manufacturer promises better results in daily practice: To reduce the system load, the current verion only new files. If the scanner has been re-examined all the data, they will not be re-examined. Even with new Macs with fast SSD storage, the loss of performance is significantly lower.

A weak recognition performance of Windows viruses makes the virus scanner superfluous if the main task is trouble-free data exchange with Windows users. The manufacturers of anti-virus software are, moreover, often disagree on whether some system tools are classified as malware or not. So we have already seen that a tested on the Mac with the weak Sophos virus scanner data CD containing programs which the panelist Kaspersky virus scanner at the receiver as malware.

A major disadvantage of the programs with background scanner is also the deep engagement in the system, which has repeatedly problems in recent years. An earlier version of Sophos caused kernel panics during the scan Boot Camp volumes, an old edition of Kaspersky prevented the elimination of a Mac and problems using a Time Capsule seems all virus scanners perform with guards. Cause of the problem is often the virus monitor. In each of the virus scanner, you can easily disable the guard, however, such as when you want to scan only files prior to shipment or publication.

Additional functions in the package

The search for viruses in many software packages only one of several functions. To ensure optimum safety, the more expensive packages include more security programs such as firewall, parental control or other functions. So you can buy the antivirus software Virus Barrier in the form of four different packages.

Dangerous than malware are fraudulent websites and emails that pretend example, a banking site or download via Javascript malware on the computer for Mac users. Therefore several tools to install a browser extension for safer surfing. The basic principle is similar, with each invocation, the address is matched with an online database and Google search queries listed results are checked. Norton Safe Web’s this protection with Symantec, Kaspersky URL Advisor and Avast WebRep.

The version of Avast, we find quite annoying in the long run, as with any new website a little traffic light symbol will appear on the page – at unsuspecting pages a green, yellow or red in case of suspicious signal.

Safety without

Officially, Apple holds anti-virus software is unnecessary, for the protection of Mac malware is Apple on several safety functions of the Mac OS.

In comparison to OS X 10.6 and earlier version current system versions are much safer. An important function of the system is Xprotect that works like a mini-antivirus scanner. Each download is checked by the system, whether it is known as malware programs.

The regularly updated list of several dozen pests, status and the list of malware currently contained lists about the freeware myXprotectStatus on. However, the test is limited to downloads by mail or browser, you download the malware from a USB flash drive or a CD is not performed an audit.

Gatekeeper should also protect against malware. This safety function checked before each first launch of a tool, whether it comes from the App Store and comes from a registered Apple developers.

You can choose whether you can only install programs from the Mac App Store or programs by Verified developers to the default security. However, there are still many interesting programs that do not originate from the App Store.

Not able to prevent Apple’s security system further distribution of the pest flashback of exploiting a vulnerability of the Java environment. Therefore is released by Apple Security Update (2013-001) contained a special tool that Mac searched for the malware and removes the discovery process.

This protection is but not really a selling point. With WOT there is a free alternative that also checks web pages. In addition, Safari and Google Chrome use already own malware threat databases to protect surfers against suspicious sites. More security guarantees Avast, which checks the Internet directly, and so may prevent the download of a malware same. Mail compounds monitored Avast just what Norton and Kaspersky also dominate. Automatically check this data is already downloading a file, or on receipt of an e-mail if it is malware.

Norton Internet Security offers an antivirus additional features such as a firewall.

Interestingly when entering sensitive data is a virtual keyboard that Kaspersky integrated in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. One can thus prevent a keylogger (a malicious program, read the keystrokes and passwords can thus record) to enter a credit card number mitschneidet. However, Keylogger on Mac very rare.

The solutions Norton AntiVirus and Intego Internet Security can be had as a package with a firewall. While a virus scanner can check a file after it has been transferred to the Mac, a firewall protects your Mac against access from the network. Unusual: A firewall is actually already installed on OS X, so it makes F-Secure easy here. If you activate at F-Secure firewall function, the program simply turns on the OS X firewall!

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is equipped with the new version improved child protection function. Surfing, chatting and file downloads can regulate parents, prohibit access to certain sites and limit the time of use. Intego also provides protection software for children, Symantec Norton Family with access control in the program.